Play Guide


First, please select a lady from our website.
You can also leave the selection to us.
We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible.
Please contact us by phone or through our reservation form.


When contacting us, please provide us with the following information:
・Your preferred plan and reservation time.
・Hotel name, address, and room number.


When the lady arrives at the accommodation you have specified.
Please show her to the room.
Please confirm the service time and pay the lady.
She will contact the store and your time will begin from then.
We hope you will enjoy our best hospitality.


Once in the room, first shower together.
You cannot refuse to do so for hygienic reasons.
Please enjoy the mixed bathing with the ladies.


Finally, move to the bed and enjoy the authentic hospitality of a sexy lady.
They will help you recover from the fatigue of daily work and travel.

~Basic Play List~

Deep kiss / raw blowjob / bath together / lotion / ball licking / 69 / hand job / foot job / breast job / fingering / bare bottom / coming in the mouth


When it is time to end, please shower and get ready to go home.
We hope you had a great time.
We look forward to seeing you again at Private Jet Tokyo.

Important Notes

~This is a request to our customers. Please observe the following so that you can enjoy your stay with us~

・Do not demand penetration sexual intercourse from the ladies (even in jest).
・Do not engage in perverted or SM behavior.
・Do not ask the ladies for their phone numbers or e-mail addresses.
・Do not make threats, use violence, or raise your voice towards the ladies.
・Do not record video, audio, or take pictures with a phone that has a camera.
・No drunkenness or drug abuse.
・No scouting or recruiting of the ladies.
・Do not ask the ladies for outside dates.
・Do not engage in excessive sexual acts (acts that may harm the lady's body).
・Please trim your fingernails before meeting the lady. Long nails may cause injuries.
・Please wash your body before beginning the service.
・Please do not bring or use your own toys (vibrators, rotors, shackles, etc.).
・Do not allow the ladies to drink alcohol.

~ Restricted customers. We strictly prohibit the following persons from using our services~

Persons with STDs, contagious diseases, or blood diseases
Persons who are in the same profession, organized crime members, or those who are similar to them, or those who are intoxicated.