60 min¥29,000
90 min¥39,000
120 min¥49,000
180 min¥63,000
30 min
60 min


¥ 3,000

Cosplay / PinkRotor

Take Out

Stochings /
Fishnet Stockings / Bra / Panties / T-back

¥ 5,000

Jill Off Viewing / Psissing Viewing / Vibrator /
2 Polaroid Shots / Electric Massager

¥ 7,000

Golden Shower / Bukkake

¥ 15,000


※There are things that girls can't handle.
Please check the girls page for details.


1.Kimono A / 2.Kimono B / 3.Leotard Blue /
4.Leotard Black / 5.Leotard Pink / 6.School Swim /
7.Apron / 8.Gym clothes / 9.Sailor A / 10.Sailor B /
11.Blazer / 12.Maid / 13.Nurse / 14.Office Lady /
15.Lingerie / 16.Race Queen / 17.Swim Wear / 18.Garter

Dispatch Details & Transportation Fee

Dispatch service area

Available to deliver to any hotel in any of Tokyo's 23 wards for a transportation fee of 3,000 yen.

Important Point

The store will call the lady.
Please note that the driver will call the lady 15 minutes before the end time.

Terms of Use:

  • Do not demand penetration sexual intercourse (even in jest).
  • Do not engage in perverted or SM behavior.
  • Do not ask for the phone numbers or e-mail addresses of the ladies.
  • Do not make threats, use violence, or raise your voice towards the ladies.
  • Do not record video, audio, or take pictures with a phone that has a camera.
  • No drunkenness or drug abuse.
  • No scouting or recruiting of the ladies.
  • Do not ask the ladies for out-of-store dates.
  • Do not engage in excessive sexual acts (acts that may harm the lady's body).
  • Please trim your fingernails before meeting the lady. Long nails may cause injuries.
  • Please be sure to wash your body before meeting the lady. We want you to enjoy yourself in a clean environment.
  • Do not bring or use your own sexual toys (vibrators, rotors, shackles, etc.).

If the store deems the behavior to be malicious, we will ask you to accompany us to the police station to report the incident.
So, please be sure to observe these rules.

~ Restricted customers. We strictly prohibit the following people from using our services ~
Persons with STDs, contagious diseases, or blood diseases.
Persons who are in the same profession, organized crime members or their equivalent, persons with tattoos, or persons who are intoxicated.